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Thank you for choosing Happy Paws Dog Grooming. Please take the time to read through carefully and sign these Terms and Conditions prior to your appointment. Click on the PDF for a printable form.


By signing Happy Paws Dog Grooming Terms and Conditions you (the client) are confirming that your pet is fit, healthy and fully vaccinated.


By leaving your pet for grooming the client agrees to pay all cost for the grooming of their pet including, but not limited to, special handling, de-matting, matted coat removal, fees due for late pick up, and missed appointments.

Health & Welfare

No pet will be subjected to stress or discomfort during grooming and all pets will be groomed in accordance with The Animal Welfare Act 2007. If the pet shows signs of distress during grooming, treatment may be stopped, and a grooming fee will be levied for the work done to that point.


If you dog’s coat is found to be matted, it may result in the coat needing to be shaved off on the shortest length necessary to remove the matting. Additional fees will apply.


Please inform Happy Paws if your dog has any known behavioural issues, especially aggressive tendencies. If your pet is known to be aggressive or attempts to bite the groomer, a muzzle may be used at the groomer's discretion to both protect the groomer and to prevent the pet harming themselves. If your dog is especially stressed or nervous, it may mean that the groom needs to be completed over a series of sessions or postponed for the dog's safety and comfort. Sessions will be charged accordingly.

Fleas & Ticks

If your dog has fleas, please do not bring them to the salon. Treatment should take place at home first to avoid spreading to other pets. If fleas are found on your dog after they have been admitted to the salon, an additional charge of £10 will be added to cover costs: insecticidal shampoo, equipment disinfection and fumigation of the salon.

If a tick is discovered on your dog, it will be removed as safely as possible at the owner’s risk. Happy Paws will inform you of the removal and recommend a thorough review by a veterinarian.

Payment & Prices

All payments for Happy Paws Dog Grooming services must be paid in full at time of collection (cash or PayPal only). Our grooming prices vary and are dependent on the size of pet and condition of their coat. A quote will be given on request prior to your appointment, it is important that you give as much detail as possible for this quote to be accurate. This price is subject to change at the consultation once the dog’s condition has been examined and grooming requirements discussed. The price will be agreed upon before the start of the groom.


Happy Paws may take before and/or after photographs of your dog for training and development purposes or marketing and promotional activities. Please let us know if you would prefer to opt out.


Prior to the groom, an initial consultation will take place to discuss how you want your dog to be groomed.  In the unlikely event that you are not satisfied with the groom, please communicate this to Happy Paws as soon after the groom as possible so that where appropriate it can be rectified.


Although Happy Paws will take the upmost care of your dog whilst in our charge, accidents can happen. Dogs are liable to sudden movements and we cannot be held responsible should this happen.   You will be given a full explanation of any injuries when you collect your dog, including advice further action if needed.

Cancellations and No-Shows

Please understand that Happy Paws is a small business and missed appointments/lateness can have a huge effect. Please give a minimum of 48 hours’ notice for cancellations where possible. Grooming appointments cancelled with less than 48 hours’ notice and no-shows are liable for charge to the value of the groom booked. Wherever possible an alternative time and date will be offered.

Late Arrival Fees

If you arrive more than 15 minutes late for your dog’s appointment, there may not be time to complete the groom and it will count as a missed appointment. Please contact Happy Paws if you are running late.


If you do not collect your dog at the agreed time a late fee may apply. This is charged at £5 per 15 minutes (from 15 mins late) for the first hour then at standard dog sitting rate (£7 per hour) thereafter.

Data Protection

As part of the Data Protection Act, it is now necessary for Happy Paws to inform you of the information kept about you and your dog, how it is used and stored, and to receive permission for specific information to be stored and used.


The Client Record Card completed on registration with Happy Paws Dog Grooming is kept in hard copy format and stored safely in the salon. 


Your name, dogs name and mobile telephone number is entered onto my mobile telephone to enable me to communicate with you about appointments, and to advise you when your dog is ready for collection.  No other details are held on my mobile phone other than your appointments.  My mobile phone is protected by fingerprint recognition.


The only other information held electronically is your email address for further communication if needed. My PC has a firewall and is pin secured that only I know.


By signing Happy Paws Terms & Conditions, I hereby agree that Happy Paws may groom my dog based on the client/groomer consultation on arrival at the salon.  Should it be necessary to alter these arrangements, or even discontinue the groom due to unforeseen issues with dogs coat, behaviour or health, I authorise Happy Paws to proceed as deemed necessary in my dogs best interest, and the safety of the groomer, and I will be liable for any additional costs incurred.


The information I have provided above, is to the best of my knowledge accurate. I have read and agree to Terms and Conditions of this contract. I confirm that I will always raise any concerns I have with my dog (s) health and well-being, and the type of groom we desire, with Happy Paws each time we come for grooming during our consultation of the groom. 

CLIENTS SIGNATURE ………………………………………….....................…

PRINT NAME:             …..........……………………....................................... 

DATE:                        ………………....………………………………………….

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